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On Running

I think everyone has their own purpose. The “to” part might be very broad, and sometimes personal. To <your_purpose_goes_here> such as loose weight, experience nature, stay fit and release the stress.

You only can improve things you measure. Long before my wife bought me the Mi Band, I didn’t really know my actual pace, average heart rate, cadence, stride and many more important insight about me. “Creepy” enough when I need to rely on a device to help me better “understand” about myself but you’re right, it’s not new in human history.

I’ve been trying to beat my previous record by hacking my entire behaviour / style during the process. One of the area — time spent for the second and third Kilometre. As an amateur, when I started the 4KM-distance routine, I need to stop & walk for at least 60 seconds in between first and second & second and third. Since Mi Band has the ability to capture the time per KM — I managed to cut the requirements for me to pause / stop, hence removed the 120 seconds that I usually spent.

Mi Band that I currently use only provide temporary swappable storage and I need to sync it with the app. via Bluetooth. Again, bluetooth -the underrated longtime player in wireless communication- is ruling our world. Thanks, Jaap Haartsen.

I’ve been running 4KM-distance since ~6months ago and recently I listened to one of the audio-forum on Clubhouse. One of the speakers shared about how foot strike can help runner to achieve better result. Right, running is not only about how hard we must force our body but also how we manage it. I never expect running has so much technicality but it push me to learn new domain.

Other than the GSM, Bluetooth is here to stay; powering so many inter-device communication. Data exchange via radio wave level is limited by range but scalable. Yes the statement sounds contradictory but legit. Happy running folks 🏃🏻

On the purpose-related discussion, I think Forrest has the best line;

I just felt like running



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