Microsoft Azure : Create Virtual Machine

Step 1 :

Choose your subscription package, resource group.

Enter virtual machine name, choose region, availability and image (OS)

Step 2 :

Choose disk type, encryption type.

Step 3 :

Choose virtual network, subnet, set IP etc.

Step 4

You most probably need to agree to the TERMS of the pricing package which normally will be displayed at this step, it will require you to enter your name, email and phone number.

Step 5 :

Download key pair (.pem file)

Step 6

Done and view again the VM details we configured in the previous steps.

Step 7

Run ssh command to access the VM via CLI

ssh -i <filename>.pem username@<ip>

Optional : ApacheI Installation




Software engineering and film. All are work-in-progress.

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Software engineering and film. All are work-in-progress.

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