How We Ditch Department Meeting By Leveraging AGILE SCRUM

2 min readNov 10, 2023

Beautiful framework

Haters gonna hate. I told that to one of our senior guys a couple of months ago. He came from very small team — never got chance to properly practise AGILE SCRUM. It’s human nature; when we hate something, we’ll search for like-minded people around us / somewhere — it’s called ‘validation’ to proof our feeling / believe system. This also happen when we LOVE something. ❤️‍🔥

So ya, my team & I no longer hold any department meeting since ~3 years ago. When we started to embrace & adapt AGILE SCRUM in our day to day execution — we managed to discuss, communicate, collaborate, share & solve things around SCRUM ceremonies.

Speaking about department direction alignment with company (business) direction, we leverage on Sprint Planning — this is where we regroup on our GOALS, and jam on the items we want to work on in in order to achieve our GOALS.

Take Retrospective as example — it gives a tansparent platform for our team members to give feedback & collaboratively decide which item(s) we want to improve. The feedbacks are any relevant items around people, processes & everything in between. Tell me again what is one of the purposes of department meeting? Ya I heard you — feedback between bottom & up levels. We leverage on easyretro & metroretro.

Most of us know what other people working on a daily basis, that is obvious transparency practise. So Daily Huddle is our breakfast / brunch. Other than inspection towards our GOALS, we bring shit to the table & call for help. Previously but now on GMeet.

Us on Gather.Town : Circa 2022




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