Installation & Configuration on macOS

Sep 16, 2022

Download Docker installer based on our OS.

Start installation based on the .dmg file downloaded in above step

Locate our Docker App in the Applications folder and click to start it

Docker Desktop will appear and we’re good to go.

Our First Project

Clone : Get the project from public repository so that we have it on our local machine

docker run –name repo alpine/git clone \

docker cp repo:/git/getting-started/ .

Build : Start build the project

cd getting-started
docker build -t docker101tutorial .

Run : Run the project on our local machine

docker run -d -p 80:80 docker/getting-started

Share : Share our project to the Docker Hub (repository)

Docker Hub

Launch our App. via browser

Monitor our Containers, Images, Volumes, Dev Environments and Extensions via Docker Desktop

“Getting Started” project structure / folder




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