DIY Lab Session Before Hire

Repair Shop with DIY Lab Session Before Hire.

2 min readSep 1, 2023

Late last year my TV has screen issue — half of the screen affected by the green & black lines.

So I Googled about it & found many other people faced the same problem. So I decided to try to fix it — found a shop at Jalan Reko with lab-vibe, full with electronic devices & long desk.

The founder -early 40's kind of duded- greeted me when i step into his shop. He advised me to try to fix the TV by myself first. & asked me to watched all relevant YouTube channels for the similar issues — and most important — how to fix.

So I bought electronic boards from Shopee. Installed at home.

Being in technology space, I’ve got opportunities to try & implemented quite many monetisation logic, as consumer & as the product developer — subscription, pay per use / view, commission, affiliate, leasing, advertisement, one time payment + regular fees. And this guy, he introduced me to something else, something that I never experienced before.

I think as a consumer, I achieved self satisfaction by given opportunity with sufficient equipments to diagnose the problems I face & decide at which level — I need to surrender my money to other people to fix them.

My second kid — watching his favourite animal.




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