My kid and I.

There are many words — no matter how many times people teach me, kind of hard to stay in my memory and will never come back every time I needed to use them. I will use any words that make sense (randomly pluck from the air)…

Jupyter Notebook and Pandas library

You know what, I can’t run away from SPREADSHEET. It’s following me doesn’t matter where I am or how well I structurally store the data at the database level; at the end of the day the same data will hit my table in the spreadsheet file format 😂 I met…

On Running

I think everyone has their own purpose. The “to” part might be very broad, and sometimes personal. To <your_purpose_goes_here> such as loose weight, experience nature, stay fit and release the stress.

You only can improve things you measure. Long before my wife bought me the Mi Band, I didn’t really…

Lightweight microframework

Why :

  1. Built-in development server and debugger
  2. Integrated Unit Testing support
  3. Easy and flexible configurations


Run command

 Python3 -m pip install Flask


from flask import Flaskapp = Flask(__name__)@app.route(‘/’)  def hello_world():  return ‘Hello world’

Run / Start Server

flask run

Real time action

<input v-model=”fullname” placeholder=”Enter your name here..”> 
<p>Name : {{ fullname }}</p>

Useful feature if we’re building something require real time output for user’s view eg. form vs output (document).

SQL Database Integration

Entity Framework (EF) Package — Object Relational Mapper (ORM)

An object-relational mapper (O/RM) that enables .NET developers to persist objects to and from a data source — eliminates the need for most of the data access code developers would typically need to write.

  1. Add EF package using CLI or NuGet Package Manager
  2. Check the newly installed package under NuGet…

Fatherhood lesson

My kid asked me to watch a new movie he found in Netflix. I love how that two robots pretending to be human. And what I most enjoyed about that movie — it gave me a valuable lesson on parenting.

Believe in your kid.


Software engineering and film. All are work-in-progress.

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